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Remove this follower on Twitter, How to Use and What Happens?

Twitter is a social networking platform that allows users to express and share their ideas and opinions with the rest of the world. You can accept or reject follow requests if you have a private Twitter account. Blocking someone from following you or seeing your tweets was previously the only way to prevent them from doing so.

However, Twitter has included a new function called ‘Remove this following.’ This function allows users to avoid blocking followers in the most extreme form. This article will provide you a comprehensive understanding of this new feature and how to use it.


What does Remove this follower mean on Twitter?

Removing a person from your Twitter account is a simple approach to prevent them from seeing your tweets or receiving your updates. Twitter recently began testing a number of new privacy features, one of which was the ability to “remove this follower.” Having announced it last month as part of testing, Twitter is now rolling out the ‘Remove this follower’ option for everyone as a soft block alternative. At the moment, the feature is available for anyone using Twitter on the web, allowing users to remove unwanted followers from their accounts instead of blocking them.

Previously, this could be accomplished by blocking and then unblocking the affected user. The process is now lot easier thanks to this new functionality. Because you don’t have to cut all relationships with a user when you remove them, it’s far better than blocking them. At the same time, because they won’t be able to watch or retweet your tweets directly from their feed, you’ll be able to limit your interactions with them. If you choose to remove someone from your list of follows, they will not be notified by Twitter.

A new social privacy function has been added to the app as part of this version. It allows users to archive previous tweets so that they are no longer visible to other users after a set period of time (it can be from 30 days up to a year).

Another feature comes in the form of ticketed audio rooms, which is a way of monetization for the influencers on the app. The subscription-based ‘Super follow‘ feature has also recently been rolled out to users in the US.

What happens when you Remove this follower on Twitter?

A new social privacy function has been added to the app as part of this version. It allows users to archive previous tweets so that they are no longer visible to other users after a set period of time (it can be from 30 days up to a year).

  • They intentionally check your Twitter profile, and
  • You have a public account on Twitter.

If your account is set to private, the person you removed won’t be able to see or read any of your Tweets. If you want to delete your account, the likes and retweets you’ve received will remain.

When you opt to remove a user, they will not be contacted in any situation. Some followers, on the other hand, may notice if they no longer receive updates or see your tweets. When they click the ‘Follow’ option next to your username on Twitter, they’ll see that you removed them from your list of followers.

How to Remove a follower on Twitter without blocking

Using the ‘Remove this follower’ feature on Twitter, you can remove a Twitter user from your Followers list without needing to block them at all. Here’s how.

Open Twitter and click on Profile on your left.

Click on the ‘<number of> Followers’ link under your account info.

Tap on the ‘3-dot’ icon next to the follower you wish to remove.

Click on ‘Remove this follower’.

In the next pop-up, Twitter will confirm your decision. Click on ‘Remove’.

The concerned user should no longer show up as your follower on Twitter. You will also be notified about the same once you remove them.

What is a soft block on Twitter?

On most platforms, a soft block refers to restricting specific users’ behaviors without completely removing them from the platform. A soft block is a warning and a technique to control users’ unapproved actions without removing them entirely from the platform. This allows the user to undo their activities and reclaim their account’s functionality.

Because banning on social media is sometimes seen as an excessive measure, Twitter has introduced a gentle block option called ‘Remove this following.”

Previously, you could only soft block a user by employing a workaround: blocking them first from your profile and then unblocking them instantly. If they check your profile, they will not notice ‘You’re blocked,’ but they will no longer get posts from you because they are no longer a follower. The disadvantage is that you lose track of all your interactions, such as likes, retweets, comments, and messages. You can do so easily and legally using the new function ‘Remove this follower.’

Is ‘Remove this follower’ a paid feature?

No, Twitter’s new ‘Remove this follower’ feature is not a paid service. It works similarly to other functions like banning, following, and retweeting. The feature has now been made available to all users on Twitter. This new functionality is presently only available to a select few users.

When will ‘Remove this follower’ become available?

The ‘Remove this follower’ feature is already available on Twitter’s web app, meaning you can use it directly when you log in to Twitter.com through your computer. Twitter users on iOS and Android will have to wait further as there is no news on when and whether the company would roll out the ‘Remove this follower’ option for their mobile apps. 

Why don’t I have the ‘Remove this follower’ option?

After weeks of testing, Twitter has rolled out the new ‘Remove this follower’ feature for everyone who’s using Twitter on the web. In case you still aren’t able to access this feature, here’s why:

  • The option is relatively new and may not have reached your account yet. 
  • You are using Twitter on your iPhone or Android, for which, the option hasn’t been announced yet.

Will the removed user be able to see your tweets?

This is dependent on your privacy preferences. They will be able to see your tweets, just like a non-follower, if you have a public profile. Instead of viewing your tweets on their Twitter timeline, they’ll have to look for your profile on Twitter and then access your tweets.

The deleted individual can only see the selective details you have made public on your private profile if you have one. They will be unable to see the remainder of your profile, including tweets, comments, likes, and other information.

Can they follow you back?

They can, in fact, track you down. The goal of this function is to keep you from being completely shut off from a user by blocking them. They have the ability to track you down if they so choose. If you have a private account, you will have the option to approve or reject the new request. Unless you opt to block the concerned user, this will alter as your privacy settings change.

When to use the ‘Remove this follower’ feature?

While the new tool is intended to provide you more options when it comes to managing your followers, it’s also a good way to disconnect from someone. Because this is a privacy feature, you can use it anyway you like; nonetheless, there are a few common circumstances where you might find it handy.

  • When you want to remove a user from your followers’ list
  • When you are unwilling to view their tweets on your timeline
  • When you want them to stop seeing your tweets on their timeline
  • When you want to stop them from liking your tweets or retweeting them

‘Remove this follower’ vs Block on Twitter

The difference between blocking someone on Twitter and using the ‘Remove this follower’ tool is significant. When you block someone, you are completely disconnected from them. They will be deleted from your list of followers and will be unable to view your account, tweets, or any previous interactions with you on the site.

Unless you choose to unblock them, they will no longer be able to follow you. Previous likes and retweets for both of you will be removed, as well as any messages sent between the two of you. Other people, however, may still be able to access them.

When you select ‘Remove this follower,’ you are effectively soft-blocking that user. Unless you have a public profile and they elect to refollow you, the user will be erased from your list of followers and will no longer be able to find your tweets on their timeline.

They won’t be notified, but when they look you up, they’ll see a ‘Follow’ option next to your name. There will be no deletion of your message history, likes, or retweets. At their discretion, they will be able to refollow you.

We hope this article provided some much-needed insight about Twitter’s ‘Remove this follower’ feature. If you have any more questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

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