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How to join a FaceTime Call on Android and Windows: Easiest Steps to join a FaceTime call on the web

Apple surprised non-Apple users last night at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), saying that FaceTime would finally be available on Android and Windows. FaceTime was exclusively available on Apple devices until yesterday night, and it was one of the exclusive features that kept customers glued to the Apple ecosystem. Making Facetime available on the two major operating systems is unquestionably a positive step.

But, contrary to popular belief, not everything is as rosy as it appears. There are a lot of ifs and buts in this situation, which is why we decided to create an all-in-one solution.

So, without further ado, let’s check out how you could join a FaceTime call from Android. 

 Is there a FaceTime Android app on the Play Store? Or an app for Windows?

FaceTime is finally coming to Android, according to WWDC 2021. However, this does not imply that it will be as useful as the Apple version. As a result, there is no FaceTime app in the Google Play Store at the time of writing. FaceTime is currently only available through a browser on Android and Windows.

Similarly, there isn’t a FaceTime program for Windows OS.


How does FaceTime work on Android and Windows?

You’ll have to use your web browser to join FaceTime chats because Apple hasn’t released a dedicated FaceTime app for Android or Windows users. Yes, you can only join a call, not start one. You can only use FaceTime on Android and Windows after receiving a link from an Apple user who initiated the call.

How to join a FaceTime call on Android and Windows

FaceTime functionality for Android and Windows has not yet been sent out to all users, and is currently only available to those who have downloaded the iOS 15 developer beta. Non-Apple users would have to rely on Apple users to start a new FaceTime session and invite them when it becomes public — probably this Fall alongside iOS 15 — when it becomes available.

FaceTime for Android and Windows works in the same way as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other video collaboration apps do. You must first obtain the link by email or chat, and then open it in your browser.

Enter your name or alias in the dedicated field.

Tap on ‘Continue’ once you are ready.

You will now get a preview of your video feed. Tap on ‘Join’ in the top right once you are ready.

Because Apple prioritizes privacy and security, there will be a waiting room where you will be screened by the meeting’s host.

The host will need to tap on ‘Review’ on the top once he or she receives the joining request.

Tap on the green checkmark to approve the joining request.

You will be able to see the other meeting participants if the host agrees to accept you to the session.

Can you use Facetime only through a browser? 

Yes, at the time of writing, Android/Windows users can only use FaceTime through a web browser. You must paste — or click to open — the video conference URL into the browser’s address bar after receiving it from the host. This will send you to a waiting room, where you must wait until the host determines whether or not to let you in. You will be allowed to attend the meeting once you have been accepted.

FaceTime supported Android phones

FaceTime for Android is presently only available as a web app, however it is compatible with nearly all handsets on the market. You should be able to utilize FaceTime on your Android handset unless you’re on an old build – Android O or even older. To utilize the service, you’ll obviously need a working front video camera and microphone.

Do you need Safari browser to use FaceTime on Android and Windows? 

Safari, Apple’s own browser, is not available for Android users. And the corporation was not going to create an exception for Android users who wanted to use FaceTime. As a result, you don’t need Safari — and you can’t download it — to use FaceTime on Android right now. Simply access the video conference link on your Android device using one of the built-in browsers (such as Chrome), and you’ll be able to join the meeting right away.

Apple appears to prefer the most popular browser on the planet — Google Chrome — when it comes to FaceTime calls, despite the fact that it isn’t listed.

You can use any browser on Windows, including Safari, which is available in this scenario but is not required.

Can you join FaceTime calls on Firefox?

No, that’s not it. For the time being, Apple only supports FaceTime calls through Chrome and Safari. However, we tried a couple of chromium-based browsers and they functioned great. So, in addition to Safari, you can use any chromium-based browser, such as Google Chrome.

Can you use SharePlay from Android and Windows? 

Apple also unveiled a new service named “SharePlay” at WWDC 21. This FaceTime feature would allow users to visually watch and play with their pals while remaining in sync.

You can join in the SharePlay-fun via FaceTime if you’re an Android or Windows user, but you may need a membership to see content. If SharePlay is now streaming Apple TV, for example, you will be prompted to check in to your Apple TV account. Only a legitimate subscription allows you to keep up with your friends and participate in the fun.


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