How To Add Chrome iPhone Widgets and Use Them All [AIO]


Regardless of the platforms they operate on, Google Chrome is by far the most popular web browser on both mobile phones and computers. The browser is just as functional and feature-rich on iOS as it is on Android, and a new update has made it even more helpful.

Google is finally releasing native Home Screen widgets to iPhones and iPads, to go along with the modifications made to iOS 14. You can use these Chrome widgets to access specific Chrome functions right from your iOS home screen.

We’ll explain what these new Chrome widgets are, how to download them, and how to utilize them on your iPhone in this post.

What are the new Chrome Widgets all about?

Google has updated its Google Chrome app for iOS, bringing with it a much-anticipated feature: Home Screen widgets. Since iOS 14 launched widget capability, widgets have been one of the most requested features by third-party app users. Chrome’s new widgets are the latest in a long line of widgets that Google has recently added to its iOS apps.

Previously, Google provided Home Screen Widgets for the Google app’s Search, Lens, Voice Search, and Incognito features; the Gmail app’s Search, Compose, and View Unread Emails capabilities; and Google Photos’ Your Memories widget.

Google lets you add three new widgets to your iOS Home Screen with this Chrome app update: Search, Quick Actions, and the Dino game.

Search: This widget, as the name implies, provides Google Search capability in the form of an 11-sized widget box, as well as the ability to put in a URL to open it in Google Chrome directly.

Quick Actions: This is a 21 widget that allows you to do more than the previous Search widget. Chrome’s widget, like the Google app widget, lets you open Incognito mode, search with your voice, and scan QR codes right from your iPhone’s Home Screen.

Dino: When Chrome isn’t connected to the internet, many of us play the popular dinosaur game, which can now be accessed right from the iPhone’s Home Screen.

Furthermore, the new Chrome widgets support iOS’ dark mode out of the box, and when dark mode is enabled, the widgets transform from white to dark grey.

How to get Chrome Widgets on iPhone 

Chrome’s new iOS widgets are available as part of the Google Chrome app’s version 90.0.4430.78 upgrade, as is the case with any feature update. This implies that you can only add and utilize Chrome widgets on your iPhone if you upgrade the Google Chrome software on iOS to the most recent version available through the App Store.

Open the App Store and tap on your profile image in the top right corner of the screen to upgrade Google Chrome on your iOS device.

This should take you to the App Store’s ‘Account’ screen. Scroll down to the ‘Upcoming automatic updates’ part of this screen and look for the Google Chrome app. If your iPhone does not automatically install app updates, hit the ‘Update’ button next to the Google Chrome app in this list.

Alternatively, you can access Google Chrome’s listing on the App Store by going to this link on your iPhone which will directly open the app’s page and lead you to the Update screen.

How to add a Chrome Widget to your iOS Home Screen

You may be able to add the new widgets to your iPhone’s Home Screen after updating Google Chrome to the current version. You’ll need to go into editing mode on your iOS device to do this. The simplest way to achieve this is to tap and hold an empty spot on your iPhone screen until the icons begin to jiggle.

If your Home Screen doesn’t have any vacant space, you can still alter it by touching and holding any symbol on the screen and then selecting the ‘Edit Home Screen’ option from the overflow menu.

Depending on the phone you own, tap on the ‘+’ icon at either corner at the top (top left corner for iPhone X and above; top right corner for older iPhones).

This should provide a list of all the widgets accessible on your device. At first sight, iOS will only show the most important widgets at the top of the list, with widgets from other apps appearing in the latter half.

Scroll down this list and tap the ‘Chrome’ app to add a Chrome widget to iOS.

Swipe left or right on the following screen to select the Chrome widget you wish to add to your Home Screen. As previously stated, you have the option of using any of the three widgets available to you: Search, Quick Actions, or Dino Game.

Add Quick Actions widget

You don’t need to swipe to add the Quick Actions widget because it’s the far left of all the Google Chrome widgets. When you pick this widget, you should see ‘Quick Actions’ at the top of the screen. To make it visible on your Home Screen, press the ‘Add Widget’ option at the bottom of this screen..

This is what the Chrome Widget will look like when it’s added to the Home Screen.

Add Search widget

To add the Search widget, swipe right once until your reach the ‘Search’ screen and then tap on the ‘Add Widget’ option at the bottom to add it.

This is what the Chrome Widget will look like when it’s added to the Home Screen.

Add Dino game widget

Similarly, swipe on the Chrome widgets screen twice to get to the ‘Chrome Dino game’ and then tap on the ‘Add Widget’ option at the bottom to create its widget on your iPhone.

This is what the Chrome Widget will look like when it’s added to the Home Screen.

How to use Chrome Widget on your iPhone

After you’ve added the Chrome widgets to your iOS Home Screen, all you have to do is tap the widgets or certain settings within them to use them.

Only a single function is assigned to the Search and Dino game widgets. So, if you tap anywhere on each of these widgets, Chrome will open the associated functionality. The Quick Actions widget, on the other hand, has multiple functions.

Search on Chrome directly

When you tap on the Search widget, it will open the Search bar on Google Chrome with the keyboard open as well.

You can also access this by tapping the top half of the Quick Actions widget.

When the Search bar appears inside Chrome, it will look something like this.

Play Chrome’s Dino game

Likewise, tapping on the Dino game widget will directly open the classic dinosaur game on Google Chrome.

When the Dino game launches, it will look something like this.

Launch incognito mode

Make sure you have the Quick Actions widget on your Home Screen if you want to use Incognito mode directly from a Chrome widget. On this widget, tap the Incognito icon in the widget box’s bottom left corner.

This will open the Chrome browser’s incognito mode directly.

Use Voice Search

You can search for something on Google Chrome using your voice straight on the Home Screen, just like you can with anything else on Google. To do so, go to the Quick Actions widget and hit the microphone symbol.

Scan QR codes

You can also scan QR codes directly from your Home Screen in Chrome by hitting the QR scanner icon in the Quick Actions widget’s bottom right corner.

The QR code can then be placed into the square box on the following screen to access the information it contains.

That’s all we have to share about the new Google Chrome widgets on iOS.