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How to Activate Dark Mode Facebook Automatically on PC and Phone

It’s finally here: Facebook’s dark mode, which we’ve all been waiting for. Facebook has released a native Dark Mode feature that allows users to change the app’s appearance from tired whites to a sophisticated black.

Gone are the days when you had to download third-party software to change the theme, praying that the brilliant white background wouldn’t wake you up. Here’s how to switch it on automatically and make sure it matches the look of your device’s display settings.

Facebook Dark Mode Explained

Facebook’s Dark Mode, which has been one of the most desired additions, will now allow users to entirely darken their app’s appearance, similar to how your phone’s dark mode turns backdrop whites into blacks.

However, depending on whether or not the Dark Mode/Theme is set on, it also allows users to automatically alter the app’s appearance (if they want). To further grasp the Dark Mode choices, let’s look at them in action.

How to dark mode on Facebook on iPhone automatically

First up, open up the Facebook app and tap on the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) at the bottom right of the screen.

On the following page, scroll down to the bottom and tap on Settings & Privacy to expand it.

If your app is updated, you should see a Dark mode option here. Tap on it.

On the following screen, you will see three options – On, Off, and System. When the dark mode is set to Off (default), the app will have the traditional white background.

When it is set to On, the app will take on a dark appearance. If you choose this, it wouldn’t matter which system display mode you’re using. Facebook will always have a dark appearance.

Lastly, we have the System option. When this is selected, Facebook’s appearance will match your display settings automatically.

That implies that if you use Light mode for the entire system, it will also apply to the app. In contrast, if it is set to Dark Mode, Facebook will also be in Dark Mode.

On your iPhone, here’s how to switch between Light and Dark mode:

Go to the Settings app and tap on Display & Brightness.

Here, under “Appearance”, choose Dark.

Alternatively, you can enable Automatic, which will apply the Facebook dark theme anytime your system is set to go into Dark mode (in our example, it is at 10:00 PM).

How to dark mode on Facebook on Android automatically

The process for automatically switching to dark mode on Facebook for Android is similar to how it is done on iPhone. Here’s how to get to the Dark Mode settings page on Facebook.

Toggle to the hamburger icon in the Facebook app (three horizontal lines at the top right corner).

Then scroll down and tap on Settings & Privacy.

Tap on Dark Mode.

This will bring up the three options that we saw before – On, Off (default), and Use system settings. When it’s Off, Facebook will never go dark.

When it’s On, the app will stay dark regardless of any other settings.

When you select Use system settings, the app will function in accordance with the appearance of your system. So, if you use the dark option, it will be dark; if you use the light mode, it will instantly change to the conventional white.

If you’re not sure how to turn on/off dark mode on your Android or schedule it to turn on automatically, follow these steps:

Go to the Settings app, and tap on Display.

Here, under “Appearance”, toggle on/off Dark theme.

Alternatively, you can set the Dark theme on your machine to turn on at a specific time. This means that whenever your phone is set to go into Dark Mode, the Facebook app will as well. To enable the schedule, tap on Dark theme.

And set the Start time and End time for your Dark theme.

We’ve set the Dark theme to switch on at 22:00 in the sample above. As a result, if you use the “Use System Settings” option in Facebook’s dark mode, the app will also transition to dark mode at this moment.

How to dark mode on Facebook on PC

First up, fire up your favourite browser and log in to Facebook.com.

Now, in the top right corner, click on your account.

In the submenu, click on Display & accessibility.

Here, under “Dark Mode”, click on On.

That’s all there is to it. The Facebook page will darken, decreasing glare and providing some eye relief.

Facebook’s Dark Mode has been one of the most eagerly anticipated features, and users will be overjoyed to have it. It’s not only a refreshing change from Facebook’s long-standing whites, but it’s also easier on the eyes at night (and saves your phone’s power).

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