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How To Hide Your WordPress website from Theme Detectors 5 Tips

In this update, we shall discuss on how to Hide Your WordPress website from Theme Detectors In our previous post we discussed on facts about how to detect a WordPress site theme and Plugins.
There may be different reasons why you would like to hide your site identity mostly for security reasons.

If you’re a WordPress user, you’re using one of the most secure content management systems available. But no CMS is 100% invulnerable, and hackers are evolving their methods just as fast as developers can patch vulnerabilities. The tips below can as well hide your themes and Plugins from theme detectors.

How to Hide Your WordPress website from Theme Detectors On WordPress

Having decided, you still want to try to hide the fact that you’re using WordPress from your visitors as well as potential hackers and bots.

Hide Your WordPress website from Theme Detectors
Hide Your WordPress website from Theme Detectors

How exactly do you go about it to Hide Your WordPress website from Theme Detectors

There are plenty of tutorials out there for hiding just your WordPress version number, but I’m not going to make those tips simple as possible for a few reasons:

If security is really your goal, you should always be updating to the latest version anyway.

The WordPress version number shows up in a multitude of places in various files, so it can be difficult and time-consuming to obscure them all, and not worth the effort, because…

Even if you do manage to erase every mention of your WordPress version number, there are still plenty of ways someone can find out what version of WordPress you’re using.

Obscuring your version number won’t protect you from bots, either. Bots don’t generally check to see what version of WordPress you’re using; they just go straight for the vulnerability they’re targeting. If you keep your WordPress core updated, they won’t find it. And if you’re using an old version of WordPress, they will find it regardless of how well you try to hide your version number.

Still determined to hide the fact you use WordPress? It could be that you have a client demanding you hide WordPress for them, or maybe you think that your business looks unprofessional using blogging software to run your website.

In that case, I recommend a premium plugin called Hide My WP, available on Code Canyon. It works well as a general security plugin, and will hide the fact that you’re using WordPress by changing your permalinks without making changes to the actual locations of your files.

Hide My WP has a number of features that improve your WordPress security:

Changes permalinks of files (like wp-admin) to obscure them from bots

Removes meta info (like version number) from your headers and feeds

Controls access to your PHP files

Changes the default subdirectories of vulnerable folders like wp-content

Changes query URLs to protect from SQL injections

Hides files that can give hackers information about your WordPress installation (like readme.html or license.txt)

Gives you the option to disable specific archives, categories, tags, pages, posts

Notifies you of security risks with the new “Intrusion Detection System”

Hide My WP is also compatible with many other popular WordPress security plugins. It’s rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Code Canyon, and the plugin author is very timely to respond to support requests.

What other means can I use to secure my WordPress site

There are some basic WordPress security tips you can easily follow to keep your site more safe from hackers, without hiding WordPress:
Always use strong passwords.
Always keep your WordPress core updated to the latest version.
Keep all your themes and plugins updated, delete inactive themes and plugins, and stop using any themes and plugins that are no longer being updated.
Consider protecting your login page from brute force attacks by requiring CAPTCHA and/or 2 factor authentication

Is hiding WordPress Theme and Plugins worth the effort?

It Depends on who you ask.
The fact is, there’s no way to completely obscure the fact that your website runs on WordPress. A tech-savvy person who knows enough about WordPress will be able to detect your CMS using any number of means.
Even if you’re just trying to hide your WordPress version number, there are a multitude of ways to discover what WordPress version you’re using just by being familiar with the differences between versions.

Can i hide my WordPress Plugin and themes with this tips?

Yes definitely you can hide your details with this tutorials

How can I find out what theme a website uses.

We curled a well detailed information regards to that on how to find what theme and Plugins a website uses, you can read about that here.

Are You Hiding Your Hide Your WordPress website from Theme Detectors?

Kindly let us know via the comment section

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