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Google Chromecast Channnel List

Google’s Chromecast is widely regarded as the forerunner of the small-to-large-screen revolution. It enables you to cast anything you view on your small screen devices — for example, your smartphone, laptop, or tablet — to the large screen: an HDMI-compatible television. Today, we’ll look at how you may use Chromecast to watch live telecasts of your favorite shows and sporting events. Today, we’ll go over the channels available on Chromecast, both traditional and Google TV.

Does Chromecast support live channels? 

A casting device is the Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra. With the use of compatible applications, it can cast your mobile screen to your television. And, because the legacy Chromecast gadget lacks a User Interface — with apps, channels, and other features – there is no way for us to view anything live on Chromecast. So, if you were hoping to start streaming with your Chromecast stick, you’re out of luck.

Google released an updated version of Chromecast, dubbed “Chromecast with Google TV,” after recognizing it as a bottleneck.

Not only does it come with its predecessors’ streaming capabilities, but it also gives you a nice little UI, stacked with supported applications.

Chromecast with Google TV is the updated version of Android TV, and we think it’ll make a great TV companion. You don’t need to have your phone or laptop nearby because Chromecast with Google TV comes with its own app suite. Simply find a suitable app and start streaming..

Can you watch regular channels on Chromecast stick? 

The traditional Chromecast stick, as previously stated, does not support direct playback. That doesn’t mean you can’t cast your favorite channels to your Chromecast-enabled TV from your phone, computer, or tablet. The casting button will appear in the top-right corner after you’ve logged in to a supported app.

Now all you have to do is tap on the name of your Chromecast device, and the casting will begin.

You must either have the channel’s app or visit the channel’s website. Chromecast will not be able to assist you if there is nothing to cast.


Can you watch regular channels on Chromecast with Google TV?

Chromecast with Google TV comes with a large number of native apps, making it simple for anyone to start watching their favorite entertainment. Simply sign in to your Google account using Chromecast and Google TV, download the app, and begin streaming. It’s that easy..

You don’t need your phone, tablet, or laptop to start streaming because Chromecast with Google TV has its own app catalog and a simple UI with remote control. You will only need to access your phone if you want to cast from it.

What Channels Does the classic Chromecast Have?

There are no built-in channels on Chromecast classic or Ultra. You will be able to watch the channel you want on your television if it has a Chromecast-compatible app. It doesn’t matter if it’s a repeat of an 80s sitcom or a live sporting event; all you have to do is go to the channel’s website/app and cast it. The following is a collection of popular Chromecast-compatible ‘TV & Movies’ and ‘Sports’ apps.

  • YouTube TV
  • Prime Video
  • Hulu
  • ShowTime
  • Sling TV
  • Vudu Movies & TV
  • Watch Food Network
  • Plex
  • Yupp TV
  • Pluto TV
  • MLS Live
  • Fox Sports Go
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
  • CBS Sports
  • UFC TV
  • BEIN Sports

Click on this link to see the complete list of apps that support Chromecast. It’s worth noting that Chromecast doesn’t charge you a monthly fee to cast channels to your TV. To receive the desired results, you must already be a subscriber to these services.

What Channels Does Chromecast with Google TV Have?

Chromecast with Google TV is a versatile streaming device. Unlike the original Chromecast, this gadget comes with full Google TV functionality, allowing you to download your favorite apps and watch live and recorded TV. Here are some of the most popular channels available on Chromecast with Google TV natively.

  • YouTube TV
  • Prime Video
  • Sling TV
  • Philo — only for Android
  • Hulu Live TV
  • AT&T TV
  • FuboTV
  • CBS All Access
  • Starz
  • Paramount Plus
  • Peacock
  • Showtime
  • ESPN
  • NBC Sports
  • Fox Sports
  • Redbull TV
  • Apple TV+

To get the comprehensive list of the native apps available on Chromecast with Google TV, click on this link.

Since you’re on a Google-powered device, subscribing to YouTube TV may be your best bet. You can subscribe to the service for a monthly fee of $64.99 and enjoy over 85 live channels. The first three months are heavily discounted at $54.99/month.

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