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Best 6 Ways to Fix Unfor­tu­nate­ly the Process android.process.acore Has Stopped Error

The random pausing of the android.process.acore process is a typical problem with Android devices. The problem usually happens when you try to use your phone’s contact or dialer apps. Unfortunately, hitting the OK button or closing the notice pop-up does not resolve the error. To tackle this challenge, you’ll need to use a variety of solutions..

Android Acore Error

The issue is caused by a faulty file in your contacts’ cached data. An error during an OS upgrade, for example, or the abrupt termination of a syncing process, could destroy your files. The majority of these concerns are unforeseeable. That is why we have developed a list of remedies to assist you in resolving the android.process.acore problem.

But, before you try any of these workarounds, make sure you have a backup of your data. Backup ensures that essential data is not lost when updating and reinstalling programs.


The android.process.acore process stopping problem could be caused by outdated programs or issues introduced by recent versions. On your phone, go to the Google Play Store and update all of your apps. That will take care of any issues, such as older app versions not being compatible or glitching.

Update Pending Apps

After you’ve finished installing the updates, restart your phone or tablet and try using your contacts app again. If the issue remains, move on to the next step..


When syncing contacts on Facebook and Messenger, a mismatch can cause a crash report. Follow these steps to delete and reinstall the apps:

Step 1: Open Google Play and search for the Facebook and Messenger applications. Double-click the option to show the uninstall page.

Facebook Messenger Play Store

Step 2: Uninstall both the apps then restart the device.

Uninstall Facebook App

Step 3: Reinstall the apps and this should help resolve the issue.

If the error does not clear, let’s move to the next solution.


As strange as it may sound, the issue could be caused by conflicting information between your Google account and contacts. By deactivating and then re-adding your Google account, you may be able to clear up any issues and download new software updates (like security patches).

Here’s how to deactivate and re-add your Google account.

Step 1: Select Google from the Accounts menu in Settings.

Account Google Settings

Step 2: Choose the Google account you want to remove, click on the three dots on the right-hand side and select Remove account.

Remove Google Account

Step 3: Add a Google account by returning to Settings, then Accounts, and choosing Add account.

Step 4: Restart your Android phone and use the Google Store to update all of your apps.

That should get your phone up and running. The problem would persist if it carried older cache and data. As a result, take a look at the next option.


Clearing the cache and data on your devices will remove both temporary data and other saved data that may be polluting your system.

Follow these steps to clear your cache and data:

Step 1: Make a backup of all of the data on the device.

Step 2: After that, go to Settings and select Apps.


Settings Apps

Step 3: Scroll to the right and select the All option.

Apps All

Step 4: Move down to the Contact/Contact Storage option and open it to reveal the App Info.

Contact Storage

Step 5: Click on the Force Stop button and Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Force stop apps

Step 6: Disable the Contact App and turn off your phone or tablet from the same results screen. After a few minutes, turn on the phone or tablet, and the corrupted contact data should be resolved. If that doesn’t work, move on to the next one.


Disabled apps will be auto-enabled, and all apps will be restored to their default settings, if you reset your app preferences. This method works well for undoing erroneous app deletion or disabling.

Step 1: Go to Settings and select Apps.

Settings Apps

Step 2: Click on the three dots on the right-hand side and select Reset app preferences

Reset App Preferences Android

Step 3: Click on the Reset apps option and your device will begin the reset process.

Reset App Preferences


If all else fails, it’s time to think about factory resetting your smartphone. A factory reset will wipe all of your phone’s data as well as any corrupt files that may be causing the issue.

The steps for factory resetting your phone are as follows. While each phone brand’s Factory Reset option may appear under a different sub-menu, you can find it in the Settings up.

Step 1: Click on Settings and select the Backup and Reset tab.

Backup and Reset

Step 2: Click on the Factory data reset option, and your device will begin erasing your data.

Factory Data Reset


The android.process.acore error on your phone or tablet should be resolved using one or more of the options listed above. If the problem persists, check your hardware for any faulty parts that could be the source of the problem. Alternatively, you can contact the Android tech support staff for a thorough investigation and resolution of the problem.

Hopefully, one of the methods will assist you in resolving the issue, and you will not need to perform a full factory reset of your phone or tablet.


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