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Easiest Method To Exclude an App From Google One VPN

With a virtual private network (VPN) that it bundles alongside some Google One subscriptions, Google offers its own means of shielding customers from internet monitoring and hackers. Google One VPN hides your IP address from third parties, secures your activity when using public Wi-Fi, and encrypts the information you watch and view.

However, with VPN enabled, some apps and websites may not function properly, and you had to stop Google One’s VPN fully to utilize such unsupported services until recently. Fortunately, Google has begun pushing out an upgrade to its Android One app that allows apps on your phone to bypass its VPN service while it is still active.

Whitelisting apps and websites is a feature that practically all major VPN services offer, although Google One is only getting started with it.

We’ll explain why you should disable Google One VPN for particular apps in this post, as well as how to do it on your Android smartphone.


Why should you prevent certain apps from using Google One VPN?

Allowing a program to bypass Google One VPN serves the primary goal of rerouting its internet access to your ordinary network rather than Google’s encrypted tunnel. But why are you doing this? Here are some of the reasons for this:

  • To access apps and websites that were otherwise not working when VPN was enabled.
  • To let an app see your cellular network and get relevant info when required.
  • To stream content that’s blocked while using VPN.
  • To manage and control other devices connected to your local network.

How to Bypass Google One VPN for an app on Android

The ability to whitelist apps from using Google One VPN is available on the latest version of Google One on Android. So, before we move on to explaining how you can bypass Google One’s VPN on Android, it’s important that you have updated the Google One app from the Google Play Store.

Once the Google One app has been updated, open it and tap on the ‘Benefits’ tab at the top.

Look for the VPN advantage on the following screen and then touch the ‘View details’ option.

When the Google One VPN screen appears, pick the ‘Allow apps to circumvent VPN’ option from the ‘View options’ menu.

By tapping the ‘+’ button adjacent to the app’s name on this list, you can add the apps you want to whitelist and block them from using Google One’s VPN.

Note: You can add as many applications to your whitelist as you want, as long as you trust them and they aren’t known to track or leak your data. Select only a few apps that you believe should be whitelisted.

Once you’ve added particular apps to the whitelist, select the ‘Save’ button to make the changes permanent. The changes will be visible the next time the VPN service is active, even if you have completely disabled it.

That’s all there is to do when it comes to disabling Google One VPN for Android apps.

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