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Did Instagram Remove Multiple Photos? Where to Find It on IG?

Instagram’s updates have been key in fixing bugs and streamlining the apps for simple sharing of photographs. But many, accidentally, introduce a few as well. A recent update appears to have hampered users’ ability to share numerous photographs in a single post. Here’s all you need to know about it, including how to construct a carousel with many photographs.

Users could use the “Select Numerous” option to add multiple photographs to a post until a recent update. However, customers are now discovering, much to their dismay, that this option is no longer available. The feature, thankfully, has not been eliminated. Here’s all you need to know about selecting several photographs on Instagram.

Where Is Multiple Button on Instagram?

It’s no longer available, at least not as a direct UI element. However, you may still select many images with ease. The many button is no longer available on Instagram, as illustrated below.

Many Android users have been affected as well since they only get the icon for the ‘Select Multiple’ option.

Nevertheless, the ability to pick multiple photos is not affected by the bug in any way for either platform.

How to add multiple pictures when you do not see the ‘multiple button’

If you can’t find the ‘Select multiple’ button on your Android or iPhone, simply tap and hold down on any photo.

A little circle will now appear at the edge of the images. This means you’ll be able to choose various photos for your Instagram post once more. So go ahead and tap on the images you’d like to use in your carousel post..

Will the ‘multiple’ button become available soon?

Folks at Instagram have announced that they’re working on a fix for the bug. So, as long as it doesn’t go away, this minor tweak should suffice. Keep an eye out for fresh app upgrades to install, since these may fix the glitch in future Instagram versions.

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