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Can I Edit Tweets under Twitter Blue?

Twitter has officially established a paid membership model for its members after years of speculation and testing. The service, dubbed “Twitter Blue,” is now available for iOS users in Australia and Canada for a monthly fee of $4.49 and $3.49, respectively. Subscribers to Twitter Blue get a new ‘Undo’ button, app icon customizations, a reader mode, and folders for organizing key Tweets in the first version.

Unfortunately, Twitter does not state whether or not you can modify tweets after becoming a Blue member, so we had to come up with a clear and short response. So, without further ado, let’s see if Twitter Blue includes the fabled’Edit’ button.


Is there an Edit button in Twitter Blue? 

Twitter Blue isn’t the worst subscriber-only variant you’ll come across. However, it is still not compelling enough for anyone to pay a monthly fee, owing to the fact that it does not allow users to modify Tweets after they have been published. What Twitter Blue adds is a lag between when you push the ‘Tweet’ button and when it actually gets published. And it does it with the help of the newly added ‘Undo’ button.


Although Twitter Blue does not allow you to edit tweets, it does provide you with a 30-second chance to correct mistakes. We’ll look at how the ‘Undo’ button works in the section below.


How to use the ‘Undo’ button in Twitter Blue

When you sign up for Twitter Blue, the app will provide you additional features via a server-side switch, including the ‘Undo’ button. After you finish writing a Tweet and hit the send button, you’ll see a notification that your Tweet has been published. A ‘View Tweet’ button appears beneath the ‘Sending now’ notification.

To go to the Tweet, tap on it. You’ll have up to 30 seconds to correct any errors here. The ‘Undo’ button will be located in the compose section’s bottom-right corner. Return to edit mode by tapping on it.

After fixing, let the Tweet fly by hitting the ‘Tweet’ button on the top-right corner.

If you don’t find a typo and wish to publish the tweet right away, tap on ‘Send now.


Can you edit a Tweet after it’s published in Twitter Blue? 

No, the ‘Undo’ option only functions while publishing a Tweet at the time of writing. You won’t be able to change your Tweet once the 30-second buffer has expired and it has been published. Because Twitter Blue is still in its infancy, there’s plenty of space for improvement. We just don’t know if Twitter would consider allowing users to modify or undo their Tweets after they’ve been published.

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