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3 Best Indestructible Dog Toys For The Most Aggressive Chewers

Some dogs are predisposed to destroying every toy that gets in their field of vision — that’s just a fact. If your pet is an aggressive chewer, you have probably grown tired of always having to buy new toys for your pup. Whether it’s a plastic or rubber ball, a plush animal, or a seemingly sturdy rope, your dog can completely destroy most toys in a matter of minutes.

Is this situation too familiar? You are definitely not alone, as thousands of dog owners are currently on a quest to find the one toy their pooch won’t ruin immediately. Whether it’s rubber, plastic, rope, or kevlar dog toys, their durability is the main parameter.

We have looked at dozens of dog toys for aggressive chewers to bring you the most durable ones. Here are 3 best indestructible dog toys that will give your pup unlimited fun.

Titan Busy Bounce Dog Toy

If your dog prefers toys that it can not only chew, but also play with, look for unbreakable dog toys with additional features, like this Busy Bounce toy from Titan. It’s available in two sizes, medium and large, and there are at least four reasons to get it:

  • Titan Busy Bounce is made from FDA-approved rubber and can withstand all kinds of heavy use, including teething and tearing.
  • As the name suggests, this toy is able to bounce, and the bouncing pattern is so unpredictable that it will keep your pup entertained for hours.
  • The ball can double as a treat dispenser: simply fill it with your dog’s favorite treats and peanut butter to show your affection and care.
  • Busy Bounce is dishwasher safe for better hygiene

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West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Dog Bone Chew

If your dog is one of the pooches who can spend hours gnawing on the same toy, you need something extra durable. The West Paw dog bone chew was designed with the most persistent and strong chewers in mind, and here is what makes it one of the best durable toys:

  • The bone is available in three sizes and four colours, which means you can easily distinguish between the toys if you have more than one dog.
  • The rubber for the West Paw toy is FDA-approved and BPA-free.
    The toy is dishwasher-safe.
  • With the West Paw dog bone chew, you can have entertaining fetching sessions not only on the ground, but also on the water — this dog toy floats!

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Oneisall Dog Toy For Aggressive Chewers

The bone-shaped dog toy is a classic, but few of the toy bones represented in the market can compete with the Oneisall toy in terms of strength. The Oneisall dog toy can become your new favorite thanks to the following features:

  • The bone toy is available in three sizes and can fit any breed, from a poodle to a bull terrier.
  • This toy is ideal for training, managing destructive behavior, or keeping your dog entertained while it’s home alone.
  • The delicious bacon flavor will make it impossible for the doggie not to like the new toy.
  • The Oneisall bone toy helps control plaque and tartar, keeping your pup’s teeth clean.

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Most dog chew toys branded as “indestructible” are made either from rubber or kevlar, and you can’t really go wrong with both of these choices. The only thing that matters is that your dog enjoys the toy and you don’t have to budget for expensive toy replacements every week.

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